My Day

My heart is still opened
I wait for someone

Who loves me  

It is too much for you

Give me the chance

This is my day so

Only believe in me

Let me open my wings

Let me live my alive

I know alive is hard

But I want to try

And go my own way

Make the first step

Trust Yourself

Time doesn’t matter
Or who you are

It’s not simple

I know

It’s not easy

It’s true

You can always try

This your chance

This your world

So fight for your dreams

They will come true

If only believe yourself

How Believe

How believe
In your words

If you hurts me

Every time

When I try say to you  

What I feel right now

You are away

I don’t know

Who is bad

Who is good

I know one thing

I have to go my own way

Without you

I close this…

Chapter of my life

On forever